sex  trafficking  solutions
Status: Film Completed
Release date: November 4, 2012	
Locations: Cambodia, India, Thailand
Key issues: Human rights, trafficking for sexual purposes, women’s rights, child rights, livelihoods, sex trade, sex tourism, education
NGOs involved: Agile Development, Apne Aap, Asha Mahila Sanstha,  CFI, ECPAT, FACE, Guria, Hamari Muskan, HCC, Kone Kmeng, Love146, Save the Children India, Stop.Traffick, TRAFCORD, TransformAsia, Urban Light
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Breaking Chains, Building Community:

Grassroots Solutions to Sex Trafficking

“Generating an estimated $32 billion dollars annually, human trafficking is the fastest-growing criminal activity in the world today. It is also the most lucrative.”

- Kate Transchel, GlobalPost

The UN figures between 800,000 and 4 million men, women and children are deceived, recruited and sold into slavery every year: 80% for the flesh trade.  Human trafficking targets women, as well as young girls and boys, and is a transnational issue affecting communities from Eastern Europe to the United States to Southeast Asia.  Held by debt bondage, illegal confinement, physical and sexual abuse, and the threat of being reported to authorities, these individuals are subjected to the worst human rights offences.

Even just considering an issue of this overwhelming scale and taboo subject, it’s easy for us to close our eyes and pretend the problems don’t exist.  But they do, and they’ll only get worse without our commitment to be part of the solution.  PSP will show how each of us can get involved in these issues in safe, constructive, and inspiring ways, by learning about the incredible work of grassroots organizations across Asia that are dedicating to eradicating the sale of human beings for sexual slavery.

Informed by the amazing work of over 20 grassroots organizations in Cambodia, India, and Thailand– PSP’s largest project to date!– this film will share the voices of those working to eradicate human trafficking for sexual purposes through innovative and inspiring community-oriented programming.

Click here to learn how you can help support Breaking Chains, Building Communities.  An accompanying curricula guide is currently in development, and will soon be made available for educators, with activities for students in Gr. 1 through to postsecondary levels.  Click here to join our newsletter, and receive updates about PSP’s forthcoming curricula!

In accordance with our mission, this film has been given to participating NGOs for them to use as an educational fundraising and campaigning tool.  To learn more about these and other organizations working with PSP, check out our Grassroots Community page.

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